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University of Wuppertal
Dr. Peter Jonk
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We do not learn from history what to should do. But we can learn from it what we have to consider. That is infinitely important.

(Richard von Weizsäcker)

In the series "Jahr100Wissen / 100 years ago", scientists of the University of Wuppertal are dealing with events of 100 years ago that changed and shaped society.

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Jahr100Wissen / 100 years ago 2020

Chanel Nº 5 is invented
Prof. Dr. Julia Bornhorst / Food chemistry
Photo: UniService Transfer
Little Albert Experiment
Professor Dr. Alexandra Martin / Psychology
Photo: UniService Transfer
First Dada Fair in Berlin
Professor Katja Pfeiffer / Art
Photo: Sebastian Jarych
Ethnological Expositions
Dr. Arzu Çiçek / Education Science
Photo: UniService Transfer
The Republican Warren G. Harding became the 29th US-President
Dr. Volker Mittendorf / Political Sciences
Photo: UniService Transfer
The world of scouts
Dominik Schneider / Machine Engineering
Photo: UniService Transfer
The photography of the travesty
Christoph Westermeier/ Art
Photo: Private
Dr. Dolittle und his animals
Prof. Dr. Irmgard Nickel-Bacon / German Studies
Photo: UniService Transfer
Colette's novel of the century „Chéri“
Marie Cravageot / Romance Studies
Photo: UniService Transfer
"The divine" of tennis
Torsten Kleine / Working Group "Integrative Theory and Practice of Sport"
Photo: Private
100th anniverary of the literature critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki
Prof. Dr. Matías Martínez / German Studies
Photo: UniService Transfer
Canonisation of Jeanne d'Arc
Prof. Dr. Norbert Brieden and Dr. Wolfgnag Grünstäudl / Catholic Theology
Photo: Private
Introduction of the primary school
Prof. Dr. Claudia Kastens / Educational Research
Photo: UniService Transfer
Foundation of the company Jackstädt
Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann / Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Photo: Özlem Eryigit
First operation of a sonar in the shipping traffic
Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pfeiffer / High-frequency systems
Photo: UniService Transfer
When the world's largest meteorite was discovered
Dr. Pia Friederike Friend / Physics
Photo: UniService Transfer
Largest investment fraud in the USA
Prof. Dr. André Betzer / Economics
Photo: Marcel Haupt
How the Blues conquered the world
Thomas Rückert / Music
Photo: Sebastian Jarych
The Anastasia legend
Dr. Britta Marfels, Dep.5/Health Protection
Photo: UniService Transfer
First moving staircase in the USA
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Huber / Constructional Engineering
Photo: Private
Development of the twelve-tone technique
Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Erlach / Music didactics
Photo: UniService Transfer




Jahr100Wissen / 100 years ago 2019

Foundation of Workers' Welfare
Prof. Dr. Fabian Kessl / Human and Social Sciences
Photo: UniService Transfer
"A dancer on the titanic..."
Prof. Katja Pfeiffer / Art
Photo: Sebastian Jarych
Franz Kafka "Letter to the father"
Prof. Dr. Peter Zimmermann/ Developmental Psychology
Photo: Colorbox
Secret Association "Glassy Jewelry Chain"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Grafe / Architecture
Photo: UniService Tranfer
The Movie „The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari“
Prof. Erica von Moeller/ Design Audiovisual Media
Photo: UniService Transfer
The Opera "Woman without shade"
Valerie Bruhn / Music Pedagogy
Photo: UniService Transfer
Pioneer Worker in Occupational Safety
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Kahl / Safety Engineering
Photo: Sebastian Jarych
End of female teacher celibacy
Prof. Dr. Astrid Messerschmidt / Educational Science
Photo: UniService Transfer
A high school graduate from Barmen writes aviation history, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gust / Mechanical Engineering
Photo: UniService Transfer
100th Anniversary of Evita Perón
Prof. Dr. Peter Imbusch / Sociology of Politics
Photo: UniService Transfer
First joint Wuppertal City Theater
Michael Okroy / General Literary Studies
Photo: UniService Transfer
Walter Gropius becomes Director of the Bauhaus
Prof. Dr. Annemarie Neser / Design and Art
Photo: Private
Discovery of the Proton
Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kampert / Astrophysics
Photo: UniService Transfer
Drumming in the night
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sander / German Studies
Photo: UniService Transfer
The end of the Spanish flu
Dr. Jean-Baptist du Prel / Safety Engineering
Photo: UniService Transfer
The end of the monarchy
Prof. Dr. Arne Karsten / History
Photo: ZIM