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Archive 2020


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Transfer Story: About the exciting discovery of a city and its walls


Transfercalendar 2021


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: On the importance of sexuality in human life


Transfer Story: The impossibility of fulfilling a dying wish


Transfer Story: Managing and directing the traffic of the future


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The most beautiful mummy in the world


CareerTalk Digital: Barmer

Transfer Story: How citizens could benefit from tax reforms and the international stock market


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: Raoul Heinrich Francé: The man who patented nature


Transfer Story: Tracking the crowd


Career Story: „At SYNAXON AG attach great importance to the topic of employee participation"


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: Ernst Cassirer - an intellectual journey to an extraordinary philosopher


Transfer Story: A part of society lives "on the fringe", a design project for needy people

Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The Golem; a myth takes over the cinema screen


CareerTalk Digital: REWE Group


Transfer Story: Everybody can talk about music...


Jahr100Wissen/100years ago: Agatha Christies first novel


Transfer Story: Slope following or slope forming: The history of the terraced houses


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The long road to equality at universities


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The creation of an icon


Jahr100Wissen100 years ago: Emergency Association of German Science


CareerTalk Digital: Babtec



Transfer Story: "Research is just not allowed to do everything"


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The Little Albert Experiment


Transfer Story: A very special characteristic of biology is... life


Transfer Story: "We must rediscover our religious faith"


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: First large Dada fair in Berlin


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: Ethnological Expositions / Racism as a world order program of modern European culture


Transfer Story: Plants from all over the world in the Bergisch Land


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The specifics of presidential systems


CareerTalk Digital: Wuppertaler Stadtwerke / Dr. Oetker / GUT


Transfer Story: Colour-intensive and achromatic times in architecture


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: The World of Scouts - First international meeting in London 100 years ago


Jahr100Wissen/100 years ago: Dr. Dolittle and his animals


Transfer Story: Discovering the author in the mirror of his works


Transfer Story: Regional basic research leads to cooperation with the German Aerospace Center