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Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Dr. Peter Jonk
Research and Knowledge
Transfer Office

Building: B.07.09
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal

Tel: 0202 / 439 - 30 40

Email: jonk{at}

The following films were made on behalf of the UNISERVICE TRANSFER as a video production by the assistants of the Centre for Information and Media Processing (ZIM) as a support to the written contributions.



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Wuppertal… and the unused innovation potential of an exciting city

July 10, 2019

The Faculty of Management and Economics of the University of Wuppertal offers the third Dr.Jörg Mittelsten Scheid - Visiting Professor in Wuppertal - the known marketing researcher Bernd Schmitt




Design has the task to connect the tangible environment with the human being

The Industrial Design Professor Martin Topel in the Transfer-Interview (20.03.2019) about the World Day of Design on the 27th April in Schriefer's design-collection of the University of Wuppertal.




Almost all of my stories somehow arise out of the reality

Transfer Interview with the author Wolfgang Hohlbein and the literature scientist Prof. Dr. Anne-Rose Meyer in the Kluterthöhle in Ennepetal.




"Mrs. Lowisken Thiel does not only teach in school, she teaches for life"

Career Story:
The graduate of the Pedagogy College and a guest auditor of the University of Wuppertal reminds herself…
An example for lifelong learning out of Wuppertal.




"As a small boy I actually wanted to become a magician"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fabian Hemmert and the subject of interface and user experience-design




Talk on the WELCOME WEEK of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fabian Hemmert







The prorector for transfer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Kahl meets the essayist, literature critic, writer and second owner of the "Jörg Mittelsten Scheid-Visiting Professorship" Pankaj Mishra for a Tansfer-Interview on the 11th June 2018 in the Klingenmuseum in Solingen.



Prof. Dr. Anke Kahl in conversation with the art professor Katja Pfeiffer in the university gallery Oktogon in the Klophauspark

Prof. Dr. Anke Kahl from the UNISERVICE TRANSFER meets the regisseur and professor for audiovisual media, Erica von Moeller, in the Cinema in Wuppertal Barmen.

The singer Christe Warnke meets the jazz pianist Thomas Rückert
Transfer Interview (10.04.2018) on the International Day of Jazz on the 30th April




The mathematician Professor Dr. Barbara Rüdiger-Mastandrea conceptualizes a dance theather project in the Immanuelskirche together with the Pina Bausch dancer and choreographer Jean Laurent Sasportes and the film maker and photographer Ralf Silberkuhl. In this theather project the in the mathematics known Boltzmann-equation is implemented through dancing and video. Under the title "In the beginning it was chaos" (Am Anfang war das Chaos) the stage production celebrated a premiere which was highly jubilated  in January 2018.


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An impulsive talk of Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann on the 4th Bergisch Innovation and Education Congress on the 20th November 2017 in the new Lindenhof in Remscheid.

Welcome Week

The freshmen opening on the 09.10.17

Interview of the prorector Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Kahl with the botanist 
Professor Dr. Gertrud Lohaus on the university-arboretum on the 21.09.2017

The film summary of the  Over-55-Researcher Day of the 
Faculty for Human and Cultural Science on the 14th and 15th September 2017.

Promotional Film on the Over-55-Researcher Day 2017


Interview of the prorector Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Kahl
with the pope researcher and the first owner of the "Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid-Visiting Professorship", Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, in the chapel of the Burg Castle on am 12.07.2017

Excursion Weeks 2017

From the 3rd May until the 12th June the Excursion Weeks 2017 took place. They were organised by the Science Transfer Center, the Career Service, the AStA of the University of Wuppertal and the IHK Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid. During the Excursion Weeks companies within a wide range of fields can be visited on several days. In 2017 there were 12 participating companies.

Excursion Week 2015

Get to know companies - use career opportunities!

To connect students of the University of Wuppertal already during their studies with companies of the Bergisch Land the Excursion Weeks 2015 took place between the 21st April and the 28th May 2015. 13 Bergisch companies opened their doors for interested students of all faculties.