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Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Dr. Peter Jonk
Research and Knowledge
Transfer Office

Building: B.07.09
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal

Tel: 0202 / 439 - 30 40

Email: jonk{at}


Research & Knowledge Transfer Successes

Scientific research and development, gaining new insights and the generation of new knowledge are not an end in themselves, but rather serve to advance the society in which we live. The transfer of research findings to the public, industry, politics and social institutions is of central importance in this context. The University of Wuppertal’s “Bergisch Research & Knowledge Transfer Successes” exemplify some of the ways in which researchers have managed to introduce themselves and their work within the region and to network with other partners thereby actively shaping society.

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Transfer Stories 2021

Measures to promote mathematical talents
Prof. Dr. Ralf Benölken / Didactics and History of Mathematics
Photo: Friederike von Heyden
Interdisciplinary Tasks of Design
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder / Design and Art
Photo: Private
Associate Professor Dr. Christian Klein / German Studies
Photo: UniService Transfer

Early childhood multilingualism support
Prof. Dr. Natascha Müller / Romance Studies
Photo: Ramona Petrolle
Sexualized boundary violations in popular sports
Prof. Dr. Bettina Rulofs / Sports Sociology
Photo: Özlem Eryigit
Freedom of Expression in the Catholic Church
Prof. Dr. Michael Böhnke / Systematic Theology
Photo: Private
Customer behavior before, during and after the pandemic
Prof. Dr. Stephan Zielke / Walbusch Endowed Chair for Multi-Channel Management
Photo: UniService Transfer
Lignin: an alternative to petrochemicals
Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Kling / Management of Chemical Processes in Industry and
Analytical Chemistry
Photo: Sebastian Jarych
Martin Simon
New directions in RNA research
Prof. Dr. Martin Simon / Molecular Cell and Microbiology
Photo: UniService Transfer
Multilingualism in schools
Prof. Dr. Sara Hägi-Mead / Institute for Educational Research in the School of Education
Foto: Friederike von Heyden
Children's rights in the Basic Law
Prof. Dr. Gertrud Oelerich / Social Pedagogy
Photo: UniService Transfer